Thursday, May 28, 2009

craftOrissa? What, who, how, when and all that..

A collage of Orissa handicrafts

For beginners Orissa is a state in the eastern costs of India that is also (seldom) referred to as 'Kalinga' and 'Utkal'. And the name craftOrissa by now would have made sense to everyone. Yes, it is a store for the arts and crafts of Orissa.

The craft traditions in Orissa are more than thousand years old. In the old times when Keshari and Ganga kings ruled, they patronized these crafts and arts and took them to new heights. They even created arts and crafts villages where every person in the village practiced crafts and arts and they thus they made sure that the legacy is passed down generations. Raghurajpur and Pipili near Puri are two such artist’s villages. In fact today Raghurajpur is a major tourist attraction of India. Handmade arts and crafts also form an integral part of everyday life in Orissa. Probably these are the main reasons why arts and crafts which are more than 1000 years old are surviving today too. Learn more about Orissa here.

Orissa is home to many handicrafts and folk art. The fine art of Pattachitra, murals, palm leave engraving, appliqué work of Pipili, stone and wood crafts, bamboo and cane crafts, golden grass crafts, Ikat traditions in weaving, silver filigree work of Cuttack are only some of the traditional arts and crafts that can be named. Know more about the arts and crafts of Orissa here.

Our efforts are aimed towards taking these beautiful and magnificent works of art to the world. Our products are completely hand crafted, natural and procured directly from the artisans. Hence you are assured to get authentic and unique collection of art works and handicrafts at unbelievable prices. To add to all these there is also an online art gallery from where you can purchase artwork and prints signed by the artists. At craftOrissa we ship to almost all destinations around the world.

The store is scheduled to be launched on 15th August 2009, which also marks the independence of India. There will be some freebees and offers for the first few customers who register at craftOrissa after its launch. Make sure that you do grab one of the offers when the store is opened.

Signing off now.. Thanks for listening.